Our Story

Fifty-five years was enough. That’s how long it took for us to refine and perfect our secret waffle recipe until we were confident enough that the rest of the world would love them as much as the Belgians do – and you do!

Our world-famous Liège waffle recipe – which uses dough, not batter – was developed in the 1950s. The Wafflemeister opened his first store in the UK in 2009 with the same handmade dough made by the same artisan bakers who have been making it for years and it wasn’t long before the word spread, and it spread fast.

We’re now all over the south of England and all over the Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Bahrain – and we have ventured further east with our first store in Malaysia so wherever you are in the world, look out for a Wafflemeister near you soon!

Every year we sell millions of Wafflemeister waffles, tons and tons of rich, smooth gelato and so many thick spindle-spun shakes they almost warrant their own Twitter account.

It’s time to get your waffle on!

Meet the Team

Alexander Troullier
Founder & CEO

In 1999 while studying for an MBA, Alexander Troullier founded The Belgian Food Company.

He sold the business a year later and entered the world of corporate finance, only to buy the business back in 2009, founding the Wafflemeister brand the same year with a vision ‘to own the waffle space’ and that vision is coming true.

Rikos Leong-Son
Chief Financial Officer

After a 15-year career in financial services and start-ups, Rikos joined Wafflemeister in 2010.

His remit is to build a brand that consistently provides excellent products, a brand that offers a first-class customer experience and a brand that creates an exciting working environment for team members and sustainable, scalable growth for franchisees.

Zoya Winspear
Operations & Franchise Manager

From working in her family retail business, Zoya fast-tracked her way to the top of the F&B retail sector.

Starting at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, she joined Queen Mary & Westfield College to oversee the F&B division of the 18,000-strong student campus before joining Wafflemeister in 2011 as Operations & Franchise Manager.

Juraj Martincek
Training & Development Support

Juraj has worked for the most well-known F&B retailers in the UK including Pret-a-Manger where he was Front of House Manager in South Kensington, one of London’s busiest branches.

Having undergone Pret’s extensive training program, He joined the company in 2015 and is passionate about making sure all our Wafflemeisters are the best they can be.

Claudia Pulici
Office & Franchise Administrator

Claudia started work in her family bakery in 2005 gaining her first insight into the F&B sector.

Her career took her to one of the best hotels in Sicily before she joined Wafflemeister, as a Sales Assistant. After gaining invaluable insight both in-store and at operational level, Claudia was promoted to Office & Franchise Administrator.

Franziska Hoehle
Graphic Designer

With a decade of experience in graphic design for digital and print, Franziska most recently spent over three years at Burberry in the Creative Media Department as a Digital Designer.

Prior to that she has worked for brands such as Harvey Nichols. She has been part of the Wafflemeister brand since 2016 and is responsible for brand identity and communications.


Derived from the Latin ‘magister’, it is the term for someone who has attained eminent talents in a particular area. In times past it referred to teachers, scholars and academics skilled science, art and languages, even sorcery and magic…

To us, it means someone skilled in the fine and delicate art of making the perfect Wafflemeister waffles, crêpes, brunches, thick shakes and sundaes.  It takes a special kind of person to make a commitment to deliver what we call the Meister’s Promise – the combination of incredible food and first-class customer service. It’s why our customers come back time after time.

Being an expert in your field is a badge of honour. Each potential new Wafflemeister undergoes extensive training to learn how to make our wonderful waffles, crêpes, brunches, thick shakes and sundaes and only when they have passed our exams do they get to call themselves a fully-fledged Wafflemeister.

No! Take a look at the Menu and you’ll find sweet and savoury waffles and crêpes, healthy yet indulgent brunch, sundaes and gelato and shakes so thick you can stand your spoon up in them!

We also serve coffee every which way, a choice of different teas from Rwandan fair trade farmers and cold drinks. For the health-conscious amongst you we have a great range of smoothies and juices.

Whatever you order from Wafflemeister, we guarantee it’s made from exceptional ingredients, carefully chosen for their provenance, quality and above all, taste!

The dough for our famous Liège waffles comes from a secret recipe that dates all the way back to the 1950s. The dough – you read it right, not batter – with sugar pearls that caramelise in the waffle iron is made by hand in Belgium by artisan bakers using the same methods they’ve used for 60 or more years.

This means that each waffle is traditional, authentic and completely and utterly delicious!

Our heavenly gelato is handmade by an artisan Italian using a generations-old recipe. Each tube is hand-filled for the smoothest gelato this side of the Colosseum. It’s made with cow’s milk (instead of double cream like ice-cream) which makes it gorgeously rich but also surprisingly light! You don’t have to share…you can have one all to yourself!

Our signature flavour, known as ‘Speculoos’ is an all-time Dutch classic made with cinnamon ginger cookies – pair it with the Classic Liège waffle for a true taste sensation!

The Wafflemeister gelato is only made with natural ingredients to bring out its true flavours including Madagascan vanilla and the sweetest, most flavourful deep red Senga Sengana strawberries.

Wafflemeister’s waffles, crepes, thick shakes, brunches and desserts are bursting at the seams with flavour and the same goes for our coffee. We use Illy coffee beans because what would the perfect waffle be without the perfect coffee?

Our Coffeemeisters, just like our Wafflemeisters, go through extensive barista training including product knowledge – ask them anything – equipment training and of course the coolest micro-foaming techniques!

If coffee isn’t your thing, how about our gorgeously indulgent Greedy Hot Chocolate with lashings of melted Belgian chocolate and topped with whipped cream and marshmallows?

Whatever your pleasure, we’ve got it here at Wafflemeister.

Yes, both our waffles and gelato are suitable for vegetarians.

Many of our products including our waffles contain eggs, gluten, soy beans and wheat and may also contain nuts. If you are unsure, please ask in-store.

Yes, our waffles and gelato are Halal-certified.

Here is the nutritional value of our Classic Waffle:


Typical Values per 100g (Classic Waffle)

Each 100g serving contains:

Energy (k)                    1341j

Energy (kcal)               320 kcal

Protein                          5.3g

Carbohydrate              29.5g

of which sugars           11.5g

Fat (g)                           20.1g

of which saturates      8.8g

Fibre                              1.8g

Sodium                         0.55g

Please note that this refers to the Classic Liège Waffle and not the indulgent toppings piled on top!

We are a business that prides itself on exceptional service and we are nothing without a passionate, hardworking and talented bunch. Working for Wafflemeister isn’t just a job, it’s a career path and we invest as much in you in terms of training, continuous development and reward as you do in us.

Most of our amazing store managers started as trainees and we have given them incredible opportunities to grow as the business grows. As we open more and more stores and expand our service offering, the opportunities for advancement for the right people will be there for you.

Are you one of them? Click on our Careers page to find out how you can become a vital cog in the Wafflemeister machine, one of the UKs most exciting and innovative businesses.