Wafflemeister Go Gluten Free!


Wafflemeister are trialing a new gluten free taste sensation, a freshly baked Belgian waffle made from Buckwheat, available exclusively at Wafflemeister Wimbledon from 1st April 2018.

The entire signature waffle collection is available to enjoy as a buckwheat option, baked fresh from only natural ingredients with eight glorious toppings to choose from including AU CHOCOLAT, CREAM & COOKIES, GO BANANAS, MARSHMALLOW SURPRISE and STRAWBERRY HEAVEN as well as the seasonal CADBURY CREME EGG waffle.

Even though we’ve gone to all that buckwheat bother, the price for the signature gluten free waffles cost exactly the same as usual, starting at £2.95 for the classic, and we hope you agree that they’re extremely yummy whether you’re a gluten free disciple – or not!  Enjoyed with a freshly squeezed green juice, we think being virtually virtuous is just that little bit more fantastic now.

Botanically, buckwheat isn’t a grain, it’s a seed from a flowering plant, and buckwheat is safely gluten-free. Closely related to the rhubarb family it’s also an excellent source of fiber, protein and nutrients which we think makes it all the more wafflicious.

Wafflemeister Wimbledon flagship cafe is run by Eric Chelma and his friendly team of bakers who are super confident it tastes amazing. “Buckwheat is brilliant, it has a naturally slightly nutty aroma and denser texture which complements our secret recipe wonderfully. We think it’s a new super waffle,” says Eric.