Make It An ‘EggStra’ Special Month!


We have created a genuine taste sensation – the Cadbury Creme Egg Waffle & Thick Shake – only £3.75 each, or both for £7 – available at all UK Wafflemeisters from 19th March until 16th April 2018 (or until our supply of Creme Eggs runs out and there’s no guarantee which one is gonna come first…!)

Our famous Belgian Liège waffle is topped with a nest of freshly whipped cream and sprinkles, drizzled with lashings of warm milk chocolate and two halves of a Creme Egg sit neatly on top for the the tastiest and most Instagrammable indulgence of the year!*

*Other social media outlets are available, including Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat!

The Thick Shake has six – yes six! – scoops of vanilla ice cream and is blended with half a Creme Egg for a gorgeously unctuous, utterly heavenly texture. It’s decorated with more freshly whipped cream, more warm drizzled milk chocolate, more sprinkles and the other half of the Creme Egg on top!

Did you know that over half a billion Creme Eggs are eaten between January and April every year? Now you can get your fix at a Wafflemeister near you!

Eat in or take away.

Send us a #Wafflemeister photo on social media of you enjoying your waffle and win a voucher for a free waffle in our Picture of the Week competition.

Happy Easter everyone!