‘Strawberries & cream’ is the quintessential British summer treat and dessert, especially on a sunny summer’s day. We’re also a bit excited because it’s the Royal wedding, so from 19th May we are celebrating strawberries and cream and all things British with the launch of the ROYAL WAFFLE & SHAKE. We’re hoping Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, would approve too!

We’ve taken a classic Liège waffle, sliced on some fresh strawberries to make a beautiful flower shape, popped on a generous scoop of real vanilla ice cream in the centre and drizzled everything with warm Belgian milk chocolate for the delicious ROYAL WAFFLE.

The scrumptious pink ROYAL SHAKE consists of six scoops of strawberry ice cream, fresh cream, strawberry slices and drizzled warm Belgian milk chocolate. Mmmm, nice.

Everything is made freshly of course and is available to take-away from every Wafflemeister for only £4.95 each or £9 when bought together.


Remember, if you take a photo of yourself eating a Wafflemeister waffle and post on social, and we repost it, you will get a free waffle on the house.


  • take-away price only (Eat-in or cost on deliveroo is £5.95 each or £10 when bought together)
  • available at every UK Wafflemeister from 19th May FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY
  • does not run in conjunction with any other promotion