Wafflemeister’s Winter White Hot Chocolate & Waffle is Truly Wonderful


Here’s the real difference between Wafflemeister and all the other waffle makers and bakers out there, we actually bake all our waffles freshly instore.  Also, our chocolate comes in three wonderful Belgian styles (white, milk and dark) and we freshly melt it every day to make sure we have the best taste, texture and indulgent experience.

Belgian White chocolate, when it is of highest quality, is one of the most enjoyable chocolate types which is why we have used it as the base for this year’s Christmas creation, a greedy white hot chocolate coupled with a classic Liège waffle, generously drizzled with warm white melted Belgian chocolate.

The greedy hot chocolate also has a mountain of white mini marshmallows popped on top the generous squirt of fresh thick cream, to ensure a most luxurious taste sensation.

Decadent, delicious and sublimely festive, you can also add bananas, strawberries or milk and dark chocolate if you’d like to take your waffle sensation to the highest celebratory taste space.

The Winter White Hot Chocolate Waffle is only available at all Wafflemeisters from the 5 November 2018 through to 6th January 2019, to eat in, take away or have delivered directly to yours or someone specials door.

We say you can’t get a better waffle or chocolate taste in the world, please let us know your thoughts at hello@wafflemeister.com or send us a snap of you snaffling your waffle on social and we’ll send you a free voucher if we repost your pic!