Based on a traditional diner recipe, our famous thick shakes are so thick you can stand your spoon up in them! We use spindles instead of blenders to mix them because it’s the only way we can get the perfect thickness and creaminess but there’s only one drawback – they are so popular you may have to queue for a few minutes!

The classic vanilla, chocolate and strawberry shakes are made with six – yes, six – scoops of ice-cream and for a little bit extra, try the self-explanatory Shake au Chocolat and Strawberry Heaven, the Black & White with lashings of melted Belgian chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, the shake version of a Banana Split or even the Marshmallow Surprise but if we told you the delights it contains, it wouldn’t be a surprise now, would it…

Our ice-cold coffee, caramel or chocolate frappés are the perfect accompaniment to, well, anything on our menu, especially a warm waffle smothered is gorgeously-gooey toppings!

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